Buffalo Nickel History

Buffalo Nickel was issued from 1913 to 1938, enjoying a 25-year reign that is still widely celebrated by today's collectors.

Also known as Indian Head nickels and Bison nickels, the Buffalo nickel was minted in three locations:

  • Denver Mint (D)
  • San Francisco Mint (S)
  • Philadelphia Mint (no mint mark).

The Buffalo Nickel weighed five grams and was made of 75% copper and 25% nickel.

Buffalo Nickel Oddities

Striking Buffalo Nickels presented a few technical problems due to the high relief. As a result, many of the coins appear weakly struck. The 1926-D Buffalo Nickel is particularly weak; in fact most of the coins struck by the Denver Mint that year were poor.

In 1937 an emery stick used to resurface a die removed one of the buffalo's four legs! That Buffalo nickel was known as the "three legged" issue and became a rare collectors item.

The very next year, a public competition was held to find a new design to replace the Buffalo Nickel. That heralded the end of Indian Head / Buffalo nickel after 25 years in production.

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