Silver Dollar History

The year 1794 saw the very first American silver dollar was minted in the US. It was the so-called Flowing Hair silver dollar, minted only for two years before giving way to a series of Silver Dollar releases that continues to this day.

From a collector's perspective, the silver dollar that was output in the first nine years, between 1794 and 1803, is the most valuable.

But the 1804 Silver Dollar was of particular note because it wasn't actually minted until 1834, a State Department decision to curry favor with Asian rulers by giving these unusual 1804 coins as gifts. Only 15 are known to exist and are extremely valuable!

Silver Dollar Coin Chronicle:

    • Flowing Hair Silver Dollar Coin 1794–1795
    • Draped Bust, Small Eagle 1795–1798
    • Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle 1798–1804
    • Gobrecht Dollar 1836–1839
    • Seated Liberty, No Motto 1840–1865
    • Seated Liberty, With Motto 1866–1873
    • Trade Dollar 1873–1878, 1879–1885 Proof Only
    • Morgan Dollar 1878–1904, 1921
    • Peace Dollar 1921 – 1935
    • American Eagle Silver Dollar Coin (not in circulation) 1986 -

Over the years, Silver dollars have been issued as well, but they were made of gold, copper-nickel, or manganese-brass rather than silver.

Collectors value the silver dollar both for their intrinsic merit as objects of history and beauty, and also for their monetary value measured in silver content. Most silver dollars contain 90% silver.

On Being Picky

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