Silver Eagle History

American Silver Eagle Dollars went into production in 1986 and became an immediate collector hit because of their beautiful design.

The front of the coin depicts Walking Liberty, originally seen on U.S. Silver Half Dollars from 1916 to 1947. The reverse shows a heraldic eagle.

Investing In Silver Dollars

New collectors investing in silver dollars for the first time are drawn to Silver Eagle Dollars because of their beauty, availability and purity (1 troy ounce of 0.999 pure silver). In fact, they are the only silver coins whose purity and weight are guaranteed by the US Government.

Silver Eagle Dollars are purchased as unique gifts, investments or collectibles. They come in either a plastic coin sleeve or a custom gift case, sealed right at the US Mint to ensure pristine condition.

Often people launch their collections with Silver Eagle Dollars and later move up to the older and more valuable Morgan Dollars.

Why Buy Silver Eagle Dollars From Us?

Pete, the owner of PC Coins and a longtime expert, hand selects all of our Silver Eagle Dollars personally instead of buying in bulk like so many dealers do. That means you get higher quality coins to choose from, so investing in silver dollars is easy and risk free.

And because Pete likes doing business with friends, he turns his customers into friends by giving them down-home service that brings them back again and again. Because they know they can trust him.

On a Budget?

Silver Eagle Dollars have always been a new collector favorite because you can get fine, premium quality coins at an affordable price.

At PC Coins, we also have some rare Silver Eagle Dollars and a wide selection of Morgan Dollars, for serious collectors and those interested in investing in silver dollars.

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