Walking Liberty History

The Walking Liberty half dollar is considered by many collectors to be the best-designed US silver coin.

They were minted from 1916 to 1947 and were nicknamed "Walkers" because the face depicts Lady Liberty striding purposefully across the foreground. The reverse shows a perched bald eagle.

So popular was the half dollar design by Adolph A. Weinman that Walking Liberty was later used on the American Eagle Silver Dollar, released as a collectors item in 1986.

Valuable Half Dollar Dates

The Walking Liberty half dollar doesn't have any difficult rarities, but several dates / mints are considered valuable:

  • 1916-S
  • 1917-S
  • 1921-P
  • 1921-D
  • 1921-S
  • 1938-D

P = Philadelphia Mint D = Denver Mint S = San Francisco Mint

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Half Dollar Errors

The Walking Liberty was remarkable for its very few minting errors over the many years of its production. Only one has an error that makes it highly collectible: the 1946-P half dollar has a doubled reverse variety that gives it added value.

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