Why buy Certified Coins from us?

Finding rare Certified Coins in top condition is a bit like the old needle in the haystack routine. The search is long and the finds are infrequent.

You don't have time for all that hunting around but it's what we love and have the training to do. So we search out rare Certified Coins in top condition and then offer them to you here, at PC Coins.

We know collectors like you demand coins with value on the world market. But you also want rare Certified Coins that are the best in class – blast white, full of luster and pq: premium quality.

These are the coins we search for on your behalf. You'll find many of them right here on the pages of our website.

How Can I Be Assured of Quality and Value?

The owner of PC Coins, Pete, has decades of experience as a collector and seller. He handpicks all certified slabbed coins and checks them for quality and true grade before he offers them for sale. He accepts only the best coins for a given year, mint mark and grade.

And he ONLY accepts rare Certified Coins that have been authenticated and graded by the top grading company in the world:

  • PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service)

That's how you know that the Certified PCGS Coins you see on this website are all certified and guaranteed to be exactly as described.

Why Are the Same Coins Priced Differently?

Not all rare Certified Coins are the same... even when they were minted in the same place, the same year, and have been given the same grade by the same grading company.

Sometimes the slightest difference in quality is all it takes. For example, two of our Morgan dollars were both minted in Carson City in 1891 and both have the same MS 63 grade, meaning they are uncirculated coins with no trace of wear. And yet there's a $55 difference in price. Why?

Whenever two similar coins are priced differently, you can be sure it's because of some slight difference in how sharply they were struck, their luster, or some other cosmetic factor.

That's why we only put bright, clear images of our rare American coins on this site... so you can see the differences and know what you're buying.